Thursday, July 13, 2006

Over, over, the game is over - Germany is .........third

It's all over now baby blue. Now that it's over I wonder if we are in the Soccer World Championship 2006 blues.

Life seems to be unreal:

  • Still cars are driving around with their Germany flags
  • German fans showed huge emotions and celebrated like hell, noboby had expected this before
  • I turn on my T.V. in the evening but there is no soccer, I wonder why
  • Germany has become third and emerged to the ninth place of the world ranking (nineteenth place before)
    But our coach Jürgen Klinsmann quitted his job and now we have a Bundes-Jogi (nickname of the new coach Joachim Löw, former assistant coach)
  • Klinsmann said the is longing for more privacy and that he is burned out, probably he is still angry about unfair coverage before the championship
  • Zinedine Zidane was awarded for best player of the championship, the same player that knocked down Materazzi of Italy (see picture) with his head some minutes before penalty shooting in the final game; France lost, no wonder. Zidane would have been the best penalty shooter. Well has been, he retired
  • After the quarter finals it was a European Championship; Germany, Italy, France and Portugal remained
  • Miroslaw Klose (pretty "German" name) was awarded for best goalgetter (5 goals)
  • Only one African team overcame the first round. But Ghana lost the next game against Brazil (later defeated by France [sic], Zidane)
  • The next Soccer World Championship will take place in South Africa 2010


Blogger Jayred said...

What a way for Zidane to mark his retirement. His now famous head-butt will forever be remembered in World Cup history.

4:06 PM  
Blogger Interpreter Pavlov said...

Much moved by your plea for comments on Patroclus' blog. Hi. Wie geht's? Would you consider Mattarazzi the Beckmesser of Italian football?

7:24 AM  

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