Friday, July 21, 2006

In today's feuilletons - Declaration of war? Israel vs. Lebanon

Israeli writer Meir Shalev finds the Israeli reaction to Hizbullah's attacks justified, "but too many questions remain, raising suspicion and doubt.

There are too many attacks against civilians, there is no definition of the war objectives, and there is no definition of what would constitute a victory – that is, the end of the operation.
Is the point to secure the return of the captive soldiers?
Or the withdrawal of Hizbullah from Southern Lebanon?
And if yes – how far back do they have to pull back?
Or is the point to kill Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah?
Or the complete dissolution of Hizbullah?
Or is this really all about the fight against worldwide terror and the struggle against Syria and Iran?"

What kind of war is this to wage?
Is this the successor of the Iraque war, where nobody knew the reasons as well (besides the alleged weapons of mass destruction, used as an excuse)?
Is this the new policy of war? Just start it and look for legitimation later if at all. Make facts before anybody can rise his hand.
I think this is highly dangerous, considering the results. This means breeding new enemies in future times. Especially in religiously loaded territories.
Poor people in this region. They can choose between pest and cholera.
On one hand poor islamic fundamentalists (not accepted by the world public) and on the other hand jewish fundamentalists (who lost their head) hated by their neighbours.


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