Friday, August 04, 2006

Sore muscles but sweet thougts

The building site has started on Monday this week. We are glad that we can start working now. For months it was in our thoughts but kind of vague and obscure. Not we can pump up the volume of the radio and tear down.
Because that is what we do right now. Mainly wallpaper. We have up to 5 layers, that's amazing. And such beautiful wallpaper: Flowers, cork design, geometric design, various colours. Gorgeous. I hope I will never see wallpaper again in my whole life.
We had to cut down 2 small maple leaf trees (sigh!), sorry Canada. We tore down eternit (asbestos) flags, a balcony balustrade and two canopies. A lot of garbage has piled up. But we see progress.
At night wee sleep without dreaming.
Emma is having fun as well, she is talking of the house frequently. And she likes to run around there and screams "Baustelle, Baustelle". And she loves tools as well as toys.


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