Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Glad to be in the office again- now the recovery from the holiday begins for Konrad the builder

So I'm back. I need a recovery from the holiday. Three weeks of physical work have ended and now I'm staring into the PC again. The only things I move are my fingers on the keyboard.
It feels a little strange because it's so totally different. Not that I would want to work on a building site for the rest of my life, no! It's hard, hard work.
But it was nice to see our house changing and lend a helping hand as well. I have done something and that will stay.
Friends of ours are building a new house and complain about not having the chance to do so. I can understand this now.
No the craftsmen are at work mainly. But there will be still a lot of things to do for us, especially at the weekends.


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