Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One year after Katrina - Now it's Nuremberg?

The Katrina desaster of New Orleans happened one year ago.
But what happened in Nuremberg last night?
A thunderstorm with heavy rain and a whirlwind has caused severe damage in the quarters of Nuremberg Gartenstadt and Falkenheim on Monday evening.
The fire brigade reported of several untiled roofs, damaged extensions and uprooted trees. More than 350 fire fighters were busy with cleanup efforts and pumping out of flooded cellars. The damage adds up to several million Euros.
Fortunately nobody was hurt. Fortunately Nuremberg cannot be compared with Katrina. I hope so much that New Orleans will recover. I heard an interview with a German citizen of New Orleans (a pastor for sailors!) today. He said that there a still looters. Parts of his house which is renovated at the moment were tore down for example.
The national guard is back in town because the local police is overstrained. Many citizens still didn't come back. There are fears of a new hurricane as well.


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