Monday, August 28, 2006

Faded myths - 1. FC Nürnberg

A little miracle has happened. After three games the 1. FC Nürnberg (nickname: Der Club) leads the German soccer league Bundesliga. 2 victories, one tied game, no goal against so far.
This has happened last in 1967/1968, the year of the last (of nine) championships!
Der Club, often mocked as "elevator" team, because of oscillating between the first and second German league.
Der Club, of which a saying exists: "Der Club is a Depp" (Der Club is a fool)
Der Club, those team which seemed so incapable to the coach Peter Neururer in November 2005, that he refused an offer via SMS and preferred an engagement at Hannover 96. He presumed better perspecitves there. Well at this time the Club was 18th (and last). But now: Hannover 96 is 18th and last with three losses and Neururer stands close before dismissal. It needs no personal malice against Neururer anymore, fate itself has procured the fun for the Club fans.
Der Club with the most enthusiastic fans in Germany. Capable of suffering and sorely tried. The home page Clubberer tells of it and offers a lot of details.
Der Club with a special fan song: Ich bin a Clubberer und ich wärs a immer bleim. Ogmalt hab ich schwarz und rot mei Fensterscheibn. Mei Nachbarn sochn ich kör in a Therapie. Und an jeds Münchner Auto bruns ma aweng hie. Translation to follow........

I will decide at the end of this season whether the Club will turn from faded mythos to mythos again. I will cross fingers for my Club of course.


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