Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And it's cool if you keep quiet - but I like singing

Of course I like singing, I love singing. And Emma seems to have inherited this compassion.
She either wants to get stories told or to sing songs with us. She does not care for heavy demands, accuracy, pitch or certainty of lyrics.
Sometimes we are just joking around and I am inventing nonsense songs. Then she keeps repeating: One more time, daddy. One more time, daddy.
When she is tired she keeps repeating songs very fast and inarticulate, like a prayer wheel.

Some of her latest favourite songs are:

Polonaise Blankenese by Gottlieb Wendhals! (a carnival song)
Aber heitschi bumbeitschi (a lullaby, learned by her grandma)
Auf de schwäb´sche Eisenbahne (with special German dialect)

When I asked her if she would be my little sweet pumpkin muffin pie (or something similar in German) some days ago she replied:

No! Emma S.

Happy World Children's Day, Emma!


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