Friday, September 08, 2006

Out of the dark and into the light

Maybe you have heard about it already. Natascha Kampusch (from Austria) took the chance and escaped after eight years of kidnapping and captivity in a small, underground, soundproof cellar room without windows.
A huge sensation, hardly anybody had believed that she is still alive. The kidnapper commited suicide shortly after he had recognized the flight of his victim.
A big riot started in the mass medias. It is said that huge sums were offered for exclusive stories. But Natascha decided to start a foundation with the money she would get to help maltreated women. Only a small amount should help her to start a "normal" living and to get an education.
I saw the first interview in the Austrian chanell ORF and wednesday and was deeply touched.
Sure she was nervous and looked very fragile but she seems to be a self-confident, eloquent and intelligent young woman. She said that she was stronger than the kidnapper. He couldn't break her although she had to suffer from hunger, attacks of claustrophobia, fear of never be found again. She said that she would have got insane if she hadn't had the chance to leave her "prison" room for a short time almost every day. The first half year she had to stay in the room all the time!
Now she has plans to get an education, maybe study, travel with her family. One of her childhood dreams was to become an actress. But she doesn't like Hollywood.
I hope that she will have the chance to lead a normal life.


Blogger pillepalle said...

Hi Konrad, I'm so sorry but I have to write in Hungarian because my friends and family in Hungary demand it. Sorry!! However, I will keep reading your blog and wish you all the best!

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