Monday, September 11, 2006

We are Pope

At least pope Benedikt XVI is German........
He is visiting Germany these days. Well, he visits Bavaria to be precise. Munich, Freising, Altötting, Marktl, Regensburg are his destinations. He will be there until next Wednesday.
I heard his speech when he arrived in Munich and it was interesting and not without humour. He compared himself with the bear of the Saint Korbinian, as a beast of burden. The bear was relieved from its load in Rome, he wasn't. He had the smiles on his side for this phrase.
I think "Papa Razzi" (one of his nicknames) will not have the chance to change a lot of things in the catholic church. Therefore he is too old and maybe to conservative. He will be a pope of transition, unless we all underestimate him. Like Pope Johannes XXIII who started the Second Vatican Council at the age of 81!
But there are no signs for this so far. Friendly preserver seems to be his role. Let's see who will manage to reconcile tradition and modern age.


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