Friday, September 29, 2006

Brewed with passion in Germany

Germany is famous for its beer. For me as a passionate beer drinker the short distance to the "Fränkische Schweiz" is perfect.

The Franconian Switzerland is the region with the highest brewery density in the world. Several hundred breweries altogether, nearly every small village has one or more own breweries. So beer plays an important role on every festivity like the traditional "Kärwas", originally a service to reconsecrate the village church, but today occasion for merriment and festivities, beer included.

The "Franconian Switzerland", a region in Northern Bavaria, is one of the oldest and most popular holiday areas of Germany. The creative artists of the Romantic movement once discovered this region and baptized it.
There is hardly any other countryside that holds as many contrasts within such a small area: soaring towers atop rocky cliffs, winding valleys, blossoming orchards, mysterious and enchanting caves. Unspoilt nature, sometimes from its endearing side, sometimes rather harsh, and worth a journey of discovery at any time of the year!

I met Tina in the heart of this countryside in Ebermannstadt. We still like to go there and we celebrated our wedding and the baptism of Emma in Franconian Switzerland. Our dream is to rent an appartement there for the weekends. But at the moment we are broke and this has to wait. But we enjoy daily trips at the weekends, for example to the Wildpark Hundshaupten (a beautiful wildlife park).


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