Thursday, October 05, 2006

In today's feuilletons - Frankfurt Book Fair

Dirk Knipphals of "Die Tageszeitung" considers something that has rarely been subject to consideration: the "official opening event of the Frankfurt Book Fair."
He was struck by the speech made by foreign minister Frank Walter Steinmeier. "Having praised the country of focus, India, as the largest democracy of the world – as the situation demanded – the foreign minister took up the theme of the importance of culture. And while one has the impression from the previous red-green government that everything that can be labelled culture is great, Steinmeier mentions that culture in Germany can also be used as a means of exclusion. A simple, historically irrefutable thought. And yet, much is changed once articulated.
For example, it is then no longer possible to bandy about the terms cultural nation and cultural identity, as was the case under the former cultural minister of state Christina Weiss... The speech can be understood thus: there is no readily identifiable 'German' culture."


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