Monday, October 09, 2006

Faded myths - Capri Sonne

This one comes from my mind. Mainly our drink at home was water or water with some artificial (I presume) lemon flavor. It was like holiday, when we have got lemonade or apple juice with mineral water (Apfelschorle in German), to say nothing of coke.

Sometimes it was even Capri Sonne. An "inferior" drink made of water, sugar (lots of sugar), little orange juice (7%!), some other things and (important) aroma. Oh how we loved this forbidden and low-graded (in the opinion of our parents) drink. Softer than the softest soft drinks. Brewed since 1968 (one year older than I am).

There were (and are) the flavors orange, apple and cherry. But now there are also multi vitamin, orange maracuja, apple cassis, fan drink, power team (!), mystic dragon, cola mix, safari fruits and starfruits.
What would be the ingredients of mystic dragon: Fire and brimstone? Dragon shell? Poison? Lances or swords?
No, it's banana (how weak), strawberry (even weaker), apple, grape and dragon fruit............tatatata. Besides sugar etc.......................
Nightmares included. Maybe on Elm street, but it could be Lem street as well (if you know the computer game Lemmings, smile if you love lemmings).

Have a drink on me. Not necessarily with Capri Sonne but you could give it a try.


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