Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Life is elsewhere

When I'm at work in the evening I sometimes get the strange feeling that I'm all alone in the whole world.
It is scarily quiet and I only hear the humming of the air conditioning. No telefons ringing, no talking colleagues, no radios (we haven't any at work).
I'm looking into my computer screen and get dazed. After many hours of work my eyes want to stop focussing. My only connection to the world seems to be the internet. So I am blogging and hopefully somebody will my read my thoughts.
No I received a call of our plant. Somebody is still alive! Lost in time and lost in space, and meaning..........
But I will return to life after work when I will see my little Emma and my comparatively "little" Tina. I love the evenings even if they are short.
I will drive to our house first and see what happened during the day. We have a colour on the walls now, something inbetween yellow and orange. We like it very much. I have to take some pictures again.
See you tomorrow!


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