Tuesday, October 17, 2006

News from poetry part VIII - That was the day

Das war der Tag (Von Rainer Maria Rilke)

Das war der Tag der weißen Chrysanthemen,
mir bangte fast vor seiner schweren Pracht.
Und dann, dann kamst du mir die Seele nehmen
tief in der Nacht.

Mir war so bang, und du kamst lieb und leise,
ich hatte grad im Traum an dich gedacht.
Du kamst, und leis wie eine Märchenweise
erklang die Nacht .

My translation:

That was the day (Of Rainer Maria Rilke)

That was the day of white chrysantemums,
I was almost afraid of its heavy splendor.
And then, then you came to take my soul
deep in the night.

I was so frightened, and you appeared so dear and still,
I had thought of you in my dreams right before.
You came and silent like a fairy tale
sounded the night.


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