Monday, February 19, 2007

De Zuch kütt

Right now the Rosenmontagszug in Cologne is on its way. It is the parade on Rose Monday. No doubt the highlight of street carnival. With over 10.000 participants, one third of them female, 440 horses, 97 floats and 123 bands (numbers of 2006).

The 2007 motto: Cologne is all of us (Mir all sin Kölle)!

It takes place since 1823 with changing mottos every year. The motto is like a thread for the parade. Popular and up to date topics of politics, sports, economy but also society and urban life are skitted.
Indispensable are the traditional corps and carnival societies taking part with pedestrian groups, horsemen, coaches and most important: floats.

The highlight of the parade is when in the end the Prinz (prince), Bauer (farmer) and Jungfrau (maiden) are cheering to the clownish people and are throwing caramel candies and bunches of flowers.

More than 1 million people are gathering in the streets to watch the parade.

Hello to Cologne. I'm sad that I had to leave it again. I'll be back soon.


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