Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Four more years! Four more years! Part 2

Look for the punctuation marks to realize the difference to my last post.

Tina and I we celebrated our fourth anniversary last Thursday (March 15th). We went to the Würzhaus, a nice previously opened little restaurant in Nuremberg. A play on words by the way, restaurant is "Wirtshaus" in German, and "Würzhaus" would mean spice house.

A colleague of Tina has said a few weeks ago that we have lighted a turbo in our relation:

March 15, 2003: Got together
March 1, 2004: Moved in together
About April 1, 2004: (exact date unknown): Fathered Emma
August 19, 2004: Marriage
December 16, 2004: Tina gave birth to Emma
February 24, 2006: Bought our house
December 15, 2006: Moved into our house

If we keep this pace I wonder what happens next? Any predictions are welcome.


Anonymous Jayred said...

Happy fourth anniversary to you and your wife Tina!

Funny --> "About April 1, 2004: (exact date unknown) Fathered Emma"

P.S. I'm also celebrating a few 'fourth anniversaries' in 2007 -- e.g. fourth year in Switzerland, fourth wedding anniversary. :-)

2:02 PM  

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