Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Megacities: Tehran

In the ongoing series on megacities of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Iranian author Amir Hassan Cheheltan writes about Tehran:
"Perhaps you could describe Tehran this way: it's violent, but totally under the control of smog and noise. It's full of junk and kitsch, petty crime, paradoxical frivolity and political folly. The city is void of memory. It has hardly any old buildings, and yet it infects its inhabitants with the virus of nostalgia! Tehran has a million buildings, and yet the aesthetes and psychologists still haven't figured out whether they were put up in conformity with or in opposition to the mindset of its inhabitants."

I'm not living in a megacity and compared with this article my Nuremberg sounds quite normal and mediocre. But I think I prefer living in Nuremberg. But maybe Tehran could be another brick in the wall of my love to travel. At least it should be more save than Bagdad at the moment though I would love to follow the footsteps of Sindbad, too.


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