Thursday, May 24, 2007

A little reflection would be not that bad - at the G8 summit in Germany

In the Süddeutsche Zeitung Jens Bisky writes that he has been mixing with anti-globalisation activists to find out more about their preparations for the G8 summit.

"The majority of the left-wing anti-globalisation movement does not want to and will not take up the sword. At the very most they might practise a little 'civil disobedience' as it is called today. And this is what they are rehearsing now. Last Saturday in Berlin Kreuzberg, a group of mostly young people met for blockade training. There was plenty of useful stuff to learn. How to communicate under stress. Which make-up is tear-gas proof. How best to be carried off by the police."

Why do they have to build this fence? If they ever think total security is possible this is not true. What kind of life is this to live for a politician?

Stop showing fear as common political reflex. Isn't this what they wanted?
I would like this on the agenda of discussion.


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