Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tell the girls that I am back in town

Who knows this song?

Actually I'm already back for a long time. Not everything went well in Italy. The group dynamics went in the wrong direction and turned against two folks including me. Three of five guys turned hysterical because of the weather forecast and decided to flee from the camping (!) site. Hey, why would I go for camping when I'm afraid of the weather?
I would have stayed but they decided to tear down our tents in the run of seconds and what would have been the choice then? So we left after five of seven days originally planned. For a ride of about 600 miles one way. Man that sucked hell of a lot. They didn't even face a discussion which I tried to start - at least. They preferred to remain silent. Isn't that cowardly?
Well I have already decided not to take part next year. Not only because of this actions but also because of becoming daddy for the second time. And let's see what will happen in two years. A lot of water will run down Nuremberg's river Pegnitz until then....

Now the good news. It will be a boy. No, I don't know but I have to admit that I would like to have one for sure. Another baby girl would of course be super as well (think of Emma) but a boy for a dad, wouldn't that be good?
I think we will know this in a few weeks I am absolutely excited about it. The main problem would be the name for a boy probably. Nobody replied to my suggestions some posts ago. Only two names seem to be suitable for consensus: Konstantin and Benjamin (or Ben). Well maybe Peter but this is more from my side. But there will something on our mind when it comes to the point.
Tina had a checkup today and everything was just fine.


Blogger Joe said...

Congratulations on the impending kid, Konrad.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Jayred said...

How about Hans Peter? Or Markus?

Congratulations in advance, Konrad!

10:30 AM  

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