Friday, November 25, 2005

Faded myths - Brausepulver / sherbet (effervescent) powder

Do you remember the feeling when you put sherbet powder in your hand and then lick it? The prickle in your mouth, when it fizzled and dissolved on your tongue, the overpowering aroma, the giggle that it caused? There were all colors and flavors. Green, red, yellow, orange, whatsoever............strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon. An everlasting sense stimulus. A cheap and sought after sweet. A reminiscence of childhood. Perfect fun!
The powder was invented by the German merchant Theodor Beltle in 1925. He was looking for a cheap alternative to lemonade. He experimented with natron and tartaric acid, put liquid among and suddenly the fizzling started. A success story all around the world started.
It is said to be still popular among kids and grown ups but for me it's a myth.

There is a place in cultural life as well.
I will never forget the scene of "The Tin Drum" (die Blechtrommel) of Günter Grass where Oskar Matzerath uses sherbet powder to seduce his nanny Maria. He dissolves it in her navel and drinks it out of it. When she (pretends to?) falls asleep his chance has come. Afterwards he claims to be the father of Maria's son.


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