Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In today's feuilletons - Islamic losers?

Hans Magnus Enzensberger (more here and here) analyses in the "Spiegel"-magazine (original text here) the "radical losers" manifested in the National Socialists of yesteryear and the Islamists of today.
The force of the Islamists today feeds on the full-scale, century-long decline of Islamic culture. "In the last four hundred years, the Arabs have not come up with a single discovery worthy of mention. ... Everything on which daily life in Maghreb and in the Middle East depends, every fridge, every telephone, every plug socket, every screwdriver, not to mention the products of high technology, is a silent insult to any Arab with half a brain." Enzensberger goes on to explain the psychological impact of permanent and self-inflicted inferiority, citing the Germans as an example: "It is not far-fetched to suppose that Hitler and his cronies were less interested in victory than in the radicalisation and immortalisation of their own loser status. Although the suppressed anger was offloaded in an unprecedented war of annihilation against everybody else ... it was certainly not their intention to spare the Germans. Their real aim was not victory but extermination, destruction, collective suicide and the horrifying end."

This is a radical approach for sure, nobody can hope that this scenario will come true. But on the other hand, the so called "wars on terror" (I have written about it) haven't improved the situation at all. The inferiority against the one and only super power USA became more obvious than ever. "If we lose, then we will perish with bag and baggage". That could be the sad thought, that has crystallized in the heads of the Islamic people.
What could change the situation?
Dialogue, communication, negotiation, compromise should be worth a try; the western world countries must stop behaving like a senior master and world changer. Otherwise we will go on to pay the bill for unreflective, prepotent actions.
Will America and its vassals awake?


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