Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Modern physiologies - parent

I know I'm lazy concerning blogging at the moment. But time management isn't easy at all when you are a father and husband and have to "function" at work as well.
I sometimes wonder what would happen if you or your body fail to function in the demanded and necessary way.
Nobody is perfect, you learn that very quickly when you change from single/studying to married with children/working. You have to admit that you are the imperfect parent of a imperfect child. When you have realized this, you have gone the longest part of the way to - at least - contentment.
At work you have to stay cool if ever possible. Don't let the pressure get too high. When I'm stressed I look at the colleagues and think that I'm far better than most of them. So what the hell should I bother?
I'm the man who knows to do a lot of things (not only at work) in a comparatively good way. Ich bin der Mann, der alles kann. At least you can talk yourself into this. That's enough for the peace of your soul.

Education of a child is wonderful in many ways, and I think at the end there are not many things on earth worth more than helping a baby to grow up. With all the difficulties and problems, but also with evergrowing love and energy. To respect that every person on earth is unique. On the other hand your child is at least a good part of you and sometimes it is like you look in a mirror. You recognize yourself in the eyes of your little one.
Thank you Emma for giving me this chance. All my love to you.


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