Wednesday, July 18, 2007

About a boy

Now it's a fact: We are going to have a boy. What a surprise. Everybody was talking about a second girl. Well except me.
Tina's gynaecologist talked about 70% probability for a girl. Stupid her. Why didn't she stop whispering this idea into Tina's ear? Now she will need some time to get used to the idea of a boy. I told her that a boy will love his mom very much and finally she agreed. Isn't it good to have both sexes when you have two kids?

I will have to buy a football right away, well just kidding, but I'm looking forward to our little male strengthening in our family. Otherwise three girls would have oppressed me hopelessly.
We are not very sure whether we will ever find a name for a boy. But maybe muse will kiss us.
I made a million of suggestions yesterday but Tina was not ready to start a discussion.
Right now the most likely basis for agreement would be Quentin. Following in order: Konstantin and Ben(jamin). But this is still the beginning of the process.

My sister-in-law Catrin will be godmother, but now we can't name him after her. Or does a name Catrino exist? Maybe we take Friedrich, the name of Tina's and Catrin's grandpa for a second name. I'm so excited.


Anonymous Tuna Girl said...

I think having an older daughter and a younger son is the best thing ever! My son and I are very close. Boys are great.


9:33 AM  

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