Friday, April 28, 2006

Declaration of war - Jan "Ulle" Ullrich

Jan "Ulle" Ullrich is the German cycling hero. He was the first German to win the famous race "Tour de France" in 1997.

Declaration of war

Two that are on bad terms: Jan Ullrich and his weaker self

Jan "Ulle" Ullrich has problems with his weaker self. Because it is probably a pug. It loves coziness, it likes to be stroked, and if it is not dragged on the road it becomes fatter all the time.
At the same time Ullrich would have all the preconditions (in cycling slang: the grains) to become a national hero.
Should he beat his weaker self one day, he could conquer France for the second time. Like in 1997, when colleague Udo Bölts affronted the weaker self in Ullrich. "Quäl dich, du Sau" (struggle harder, you swine), he shouted at him.
In the following years the weaker self took revenge and tortured Ullrich: It brought him embarrassing illnesses (fatness, bad knee, asthma), with which Ullrich was not able to ride his bicycle.
For healing it suggested remedies that brought him doping reproaches.
Only once, Ulle and his weaker self were in agreement with each other and escaped everybody: at the steering wheel of a Porsche with 1,41 ‰ blood alcohol. Not only sports journalists named this leg of Ullrich's life as "hit-and-run offense". After this Ullrich had the chance to hand over something besides the "yellow jersey" (for the leader of the "Tour de France"): his driving license.
Another day, Ulle wanted to dance, but his weaker self did not accept his wish. So he overcame it crafty with an Ecstasy pill and let loose his weaker self like hell. Stupidly these trick led to a positive doping test for Ulle.
Now he wants to get rid of his weaker self finally. But this will take time. Therefore he had to delay his season start............

Thursday, April 27, 2006

What's up?

I'm sitting here in my boring room, it's just another lazy wednesday afternoon............
That's not true, I'm at work and I don't know where to start first. I want to lament but nobody wants to hear that. I want to scream but I have to put a good face on the matter.
Yesterday I yelled at my boss and he yelled back. What happened?
He has taken in a huge order, maybe too huge to handle it professionally. Now he is putting pressure on us like hell. The whole production has to be changed, the salespeople will be shocked and demotivated because of poor information policy. That was another obligation with this order, because of fear of reaction of our competitors.
Is this order profitable? Do not even think about asking me.
Of course there are tons of other things to handle besides this one. Nobody is interested in this.
Okay, Konrad, keep cool, try to stay calm, don't worry. Everything will be good. Ehehehehehehehehehehehehe...........................
Where is the next window? I'm getting insane. Stupid reckless international. Holy cow. Give me a b........f..........break. I will.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nuremberg's city magazine - Plärrer

Stranger when you come to Nuremberg. Don't go and use the trial and error method. Either you ask the prettiest girl or boy next to you to show you around or go and buy the Plärrer-magazine.

I have a subscription since I moved to Nuremberg seven years ago.

There are articles about politics, literature, theatre, movies, music, restaurants, cafes, the city and everything else cultural essential in the metropolitan sphere of my hometown.
I like the reviews of albums and movies a lot and especially the gastronomy part. You will find the best espresso spots, always important after a long stressful day.

If you want to go out and get drunk you will find suggestions day by day. Highlights are marked for the perfect evening. There is an adress part to ensure you will not stagger by.

Happy Easter to all of you! Don't miss your Easter bunnies.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In today's feuilletons - What Germany's present constellation of chancellor and soccer coach has to offer

59 days before the start of the FIFA World Cup hosted by Germany, dramatist Moritz Rinke poses the weighty question: "It is often said that in major tournaments, the German national team reflects the state of the nation as a whole. Coach Sepp Herberger and Konrad Adenauer stood for the founding myths of the Republic, and not for experimentation; Willy Brandt and team manager Helmut Schön for 'go for more democracy', while Helmut Kohl and head coach Berti Vogts stood for ups and downs, taking both sedately in their stride ("The field was too long for one-two passes"). But what on earth do Angela Merkel and Jürgen Klinsmann stand for?"

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alliteration - A

Anonymous Anna admitted almost accidentially an advertisement against antisocial already aloof allowance accused Austrians and asked about asylum at all astray authorities.

Alliteration - B

Berta blushed beyond belief before being boiled by bald brutal bemused beloved Belgians beside Brussels bye bye Berta.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A new exhibition in town- 200 years of Franconia in Bavaria

Warning! Proud Franconian content. I'm not talking about Canada. I'm talking about Franconia, the best part of Bavaria in southern Germany.

We have survived 200 years of Bavarian affiliation.
Therefore we have decided to organize an exhibition in Nuremberg, my hometown:
"200 years of Franconia in Bavaria" in the museum industrial culture. It shows the great political and social changes of the last 200 years.
Eventful times started, when Franconia became Bavarian. The Franconians had to get used to new money, new measures, new weights and new authorities.
Measures like the Ludwigskanal and the railway between Nuremberg and Fürth were meant to bring Franconia forward in an industrial way.
But not everything was harmonic. Autonomy was claimed several times in history, even against the Bavarian king.

But with foundation of the realm in 1871 separation remained no longer in the heads of people. The process of industrialization and technical development got hold of society. World wars, misery, political and social conflicts affected Bavaria and Franconia likewise.
In the Third Reich Nuremberg became the romantic scenery of the Nurmemberg Rallies.
Out of the ashes after WW2 Franconia was part of the Wirtschaftswunder, the economic miracle, born by traditional companies and newcomers.
There is also a view into future. How will we live in 2050? Will Franconia be a desert? Will the local soccer club 1.FC Nuremberg become German champion?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lies of life - Spring

I'm so sick of winter. Three months of snow, cold temperatures, viruses and colds. Three months of darkness, depression and bad mood. It has to stop now.

Now we are in April and we will see what happens with the weather. There were some signs of hope but now they say, we will have snow above 800 meters. Okay I give up.......
Maybe we are spoiled in Germany. We used to have hard winters in my youth and childhood. Maybe we are not used to them anymore. I know it's not at all like living in Canada.
But for Germany the winter was special and I wonder if there will be spring. Or will summer take over directly by winter?

Spring, sigh. Lovely time of awakening nature, green meadows, colorful gardens, opening hearts, growing feelings and shortening skirts (maybe this would mean summer).
It would be bad to lose it. Of course summer is beautiful but we need to have a transition. I'm not yet ready for direct sun power, beergardens, ice-cream and seaside. There has to be something inbetween.

May, June..............when will your comeback take place?

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